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The Angels Cabin

The Angels Cabin was opened in 2016 and is situated on the edge of Colchester, Essex within easy reach of the A12. we are on the A120 very close to railway links. It also has allocated parking. The environment is one of tranquility, offering relaxation of the mind, body & spirit in a comfortable setting surrounded by candlelight, soft music, offering a friendly and warm welcome.

Lorraine & Toni are sisters and were both born in London with a down to earth, easy going nature. Their dreams were to open their own centre; in 2016 this was granted and Angels Reunited was born.

Both Lorraine and Toni are very sensitive and deal with people with compassion. Having done many readings and parties across the UK, they have built a healthy following on social media with some great reviews; they are loved by many. They are very family orientated with children of their own and caring backgrounds so can sympathize with the ups and downs life may bring. They have suffered much loss of their own and therefore can appreciate how it affects someone both physically and mentally this leaving them with a strong desire to help others on life’s journey.

With the natural ability to link both psychically and clairvoyantly Lorraine (Angellorr ) & Toni (Toni Jane) have no problems connecting with matters of the heart. Spirits have been working closely teaching them to bring your spirit loved ones so very close enabling you to have an amazing experience of sensing, sometimes seeing & hearing your loved ones. This can be experienced in the comfort of your own home at one of our psychic parties.Each occasion can bring a different experience which will leave you feeling uplifted and comforted knowing that your loved ones are so very close and just a breath away.